Regulations for Contestants

1. About the contestants:

Students are studying at universities and colleges across Vietnam.

Undergraduates & Fresh graduates who have under 1-year working experiences.

There is no limit to the undergraduate's major.

Unless otherwise:

  • The Logisticom current and previous seasons' organizers.

  • The Logisticom current ambassadors.

  • Students entered the final round of the Logisticom previous seasons

2. Contestants need to comply with the rules and deadlines for submitting entries according to the regulations of the organizing committee.

3. All entries submitted to the organizing committee must be the contestants' work.

4. The contestants' photos and personal information must be completed and valid. Furthermore, the organizers will use them for promoting or other legitimate purposes.

5. Contestants are not allowed to disclose the content of entry questions in all rounds to ensure the confidentiality of the competition.

6. Contestants must fully participate in the main activities taking place during the competition except for force majeure.

7. Contestants must maintain a polite and civilized attitude and not have extreme emotions, actions, or statements towards organizers, judges, competition partners, guest speakers, and other contestants.

Regulations for Organizers

1. The organizing committee has the right to amend the competition rules in case of necessity and notify the contestants before the contest rounds.

2. The organizing committee has the right to provide the contestant's entries to the judges and content sponsors and cancel the round results if any cheating is detected during the competition.

3. The organizing committee is responsible for keeping the competition confidential, ensuring that judges and content sponsors do not disclose the competition to unrelated parties; the organizing committee is not responsible for the case where the entry is revealed without the fault of the organizing committee.

4. All disputes, complaints, and questions about the decision of the organizing committee should be sent to email:

The organizers will be the one to make final decisions for disputes and complaints.